Monday, April 9, 2012

Writing Articles Adds To My Many Streams Of Income

As my thoughts turn to gardening, I have to make time for writing my blogs, articles, eBooks and social networking. In the summer when the sun is out almost daily, it is easier. I can get up during the early morning hours and work on my computer. We don't get enough sun to power up our system that runs on solar, that early in the morning at this time of the year. So trying to balance both is difficult.

Last week I found some new sites to submit written articles to. The idea behind these sites is that my Adsense account ads are on my article pages and that will generate some Adsense money. I hope so. For the most part though, I am not counting on that. I am just trying to get better at writing and making comments on other writer's articles. It is like an online school for writers. Studying what others write about, the comments they receive, and learn how to make my own articles and blogs better.

The first site I joined is called InfoBarrel and once you join, you just write your articles, and submit them. It was an easy process. This is the first article I have written there, Using A Pressure Canner To Can Your Food. If you go there, I'd appreciate a comment and some "likes" and shares.If you'd like to join and make some money writing articles too, join InfoBarrel now!

The second site I got interested in is called Best Reviewer. This site is very easy to write for. My first top review there is called Top 5 Items For Preparedness. I enjoyed doing that one a lot and have thought of a several topics to write about. Each site has their own individual twist, so they are not all the same. You can also link your articles, blogs and sites back to the various articles and reviews you post. With Adsense ads on all the articles with your publisher number means you will be earning a passive income from the articles without doing anything more with each one. Just keep writing! Sign up for Best Reviewer and write some top reviews to earn money like I am!

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