Wednesday, October 28, 2015

I AM Back! Yes, I Am!

Fall in the forest!

I am back! Yes, I am going to start working on this blog again. It seems a waste to just let it go. My life hasn't changed much since my last post on here that was way back in 2013. That is sad to say, I suppose. It has changed in some ways though. One thing that is different is that I do not have the Amazon Pro Store anymore. I still sell strings on Amazon, but for the time being, we are focusing on my eBay store, katlupe's Shop and String Baby of course. String Baby is being worked on at the moment so I won't share the link till it is up and running again.

Vintage photo I have listed on eBay!

Some things that have changed too is that now photos are larger. The ones on this blog look so tiny to me now. That is the size that everyone was using back then. I remember how sites would say, "oh no, your pictures too big!" Now they are saying just the opposite. In fact, eBay wants them to be at least 1600 pixels on one side and encourage you to put up 12 photos for every item you list. Now really, how many pictures of a book or a vintage photograph I can do? The front, the back, the sides, on a book maybe the inside pages and table of contents. But a picture??? Front and back and that is about it.

The road in front of my house!

Now that the weather is getting colder again, I will be inside and able to do a lot more writing as well as working on eBay. Much computer work to do and catch up on. I will keep you informed and I have some ideas to share on here of how you can generate a living at home on your homestead too. So be sure to check back with me.

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