Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Knowledge Should Be Shared Through Teaching And Writing

After a busy summer and fall, I am ready to get back into writing again. Writing my blogs takes time if I want to write meaningful posts. I have too many, I know, but there isn't one of them that I would choose to delete. So how do I keep up with them? As you can see, I don't. I haven't posted on this one since April, though I did keep the others current as much as possible.

Not only the blog writing, but I am working on eBooks as well. So writing is what I do, whenever I can squeeze it in. The problem for me is the computer time. I am not able to use my computer whenever I choose. The power is the thing. It is the one thing I don't like about living off the grid. Now if I could find a way to use my battery on my laptop to write, I definitely would. But it won't last longer than an hour, if that.

Writing quality meaningful posts is what gives me pleasure. I like to know I am helping someone, even if it is only one person who comes to my blog or reads one of my books. I try to share my knowledge the best way I can. I don't proclaim to know it all, but I have lived a long life so far, and I have learned many things. I hope I can share it all with my readers.

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