Friday, March 22, 2013

Moving On

This year we are making some big changes here at our homestead. I expect we will be relocating sometime this year. Finishing up some remodeling projects on this house so we can sell it and move on. We need to make these changes to be able to progress forward in our life. I know I never thought I'd be considering moving from our Peaceful Forest Homestead in the future. But we have had things happen in our life in recent years that have made this the only choice possible. So on we go, with new plans and new ideas.

I don't mean to make it sound like I am not excited about this idea. I honestly am! I want to make these changes and can't wait to implement them. First though, we must finish up our house so we can sell it. I don't want to sell it to hunters if I can help it. They run these houses in the forest down and leave a lot of trash in the forest. Not all of them, but most of the ones around us do. So I'd really like to see true homesteaders buying our off-the-grid home in the future.

One of the plans we have is to take our business of selling guitar strings to the next level. The only way we can do that is to move to an area that has a better internet connection. The other thing is that we want to be "grid-tied" instead of "off-the-grid." Generating our own power has been fine. Now though, we would like to make our life a bit easier and that means less hard physical chores. To be honest, if my husband was not here, I'd be in a lot of trouble. So I want to get us all set up in a different situation so either one of us will not be working so hard every day, all the time.

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