Saturday, March 31, 2012

Blogging For A Job

I have been learning how to make the black and white photos! Remember I had it on my list one blog post back? It wasn't that hard to learn and I really enjoy doing it. This is my first one. What do you think? I will work on it some more, this is just the first one.

Having a blog means you can and should be making money from it. I have been working on doing just that, especially with some of the others. This blog is mostly for telling my readers how to do that themselves. How to clean up their debt and live happily ever after. LOL Today however, I found a bunch of books that I have added to my wish list on Amazon. I ordered some, but could not order more than a few.

Building your blog means making friends with your readers. I have done that, I believe. In fact, one couple who reads my blog regularly, came to visit us twice. It is a good feeling to know you have helped someone in someway or other. Write your blog so it sounds personal. Like you are talking to your reader over a cup of coffee in your kitchen.

 If you have to be home and you are a writer, you may as well write a blog. If you do that, adding some streams of income to it, won't hurt either. The key is to make your blog honest and interesting to your readers. If they come to it for information, offer them something valuable. Share your experiences with them. Of all, be truthful at all times.

All of these books are from the kindle shop on Amazon, because that is the way I buy books now. I have completely given up paper books for good. The link to them is in the photo. I hope to give you some ideas on how you can increase your streams of income by using your blog to do it. If you already do, send the the link so I can check it out.

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

It's A Disaster!

Tornado in 2000

Recently, I have been reading books about preparing for disasters, natural and man made. There are many types of disasters that can overcome our world and way of living, as we know it. I am always preparing for that situation in my life. But what about your business, if it is a home based business? If the internet ceased to be, would it cause you to lose your income?

You need to prepare for that situation also. Do not put all your eggs in one basket, so to to speak. I have talked many times on this blog about having many streams of income. Make sure some of those streams of income are not dependent on the internet. Or not dependent on a physical location either. Then if one goes down, the other is still working. It may cut your income in half, but at least you'd still have something to fall back on.

Try to start preparing in other ways as well, building up your supplies so you will have food and water if you get hit with a bad storm or flooding. Make a Bug Out Bag for each family member including your pets. Do it little by little as you can afford it, but do it. Standing on your own in those bad times is a good feeling. Being the one others go to for direction of how, and what to do, is a way to help others provide for themselves.

Having my own alternative energy system makes it possible for our power not to go down. We would not be able to access the internet if it didn't exist! So time to put my thinking hat on and make sure some of my incoming money does not come from internet sales only. Studying the book, It's a Disaster! and what are you going to do about it by Bill & Janet Liebsch, every day. This book is the best one out of all the books I have found on preparing for emergencies. Such details and directions for people who are preparing their families for such situations. I highly recommend it!

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Try Some Giveaways To Win Cash

One way to increase your spending money is by entering giveaways on some blogs. There are so many to choose from! The best thing is to choose only the ones that offer what you really want. I like to enter ones for gift cards at stores I shop at, or want to shop at. One time I won a giveaway for Fanny Farmer candy. I actually won it accidentally by following their blog, and just happened to be the 100th follower.

I found some today on various blogs. The Frugal Free Gal is a good blog, if you are searching for giveaways and free deals, through out internet land. I entered two for Amazon gift cards, one for $10. and one for $25. I entered one for a $25. Paypal cash, which I would like as then you could spend it wherever you wish. The last one I entered was for $800. for Paypal cash, on a site called Good Steward Savers. Once you hook up with one, you will find many more! It is amazing.

Of course, winning one giveaway, even if I won the one for $800., won't pay off all my bills. It would help me to pay some though. I think the smart thing if you win money, is to put it on a bill or some expense you have, instead of blowing it. It would be hard to do, but that is the best use of it, especially since it came from somewhere unexpected.

What would you do with $800. if you won it?

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Monday, March 19, 2012

Learning New Things

Moss on the forest floor

No matter what you do, no matter what it is, some people will not like it and others will love it. It doesn't matter what it is. And to top it off, many people will feel the need to announce to the world if they don't like it and exactly why. Why can't they just keep their big mouth and opinions to themselves? It is different, if you ask their opinion. The flaws of people are apparent. Some people are so busy judging others, they forget they have faults also.

I am making this year, the year of taking charge of my life and not looking back. If you look back at your life, what was, or what could have can bring you down now. Then you will never pull yourself up and prosper. Do not let that happen! Look ahead and make your list of little steps and you will be on your way.

My steps for this week is:

  • 1. Learn how to watermark my photos.
  • 2. Learn how to make my text so it cannot be copied and pasted.
  • 3. Learn to make some photos in black and white.
  • 4. Learn how to put photos on cds so they can be saved.
  • 6. Study templates for blogs so I can change one of my blogs over to its own site.

That sounds good for a start, don't you think?

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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Create And Sell Your Own Products

Sales have been strong for my ebooks. I have had a few problems trying to format them properly so they will work better on the kindle. I hope to learn more about doing that or make enough money to hire someone to do it for me. I have ideas for many more eBooks. Once you have it loaded on Amazon in the kindle store, you are finished with that book. Time to write the next one. If you can just keep writing and uploading more books, you will keep the streams of income coming in from each book.

If you have any books setting in your computer it is time to get to work on them. Start by editing it and study kindle's guidelines for adding your book there. Remember Amazon has the traffic you need. I don't see any reason for selling them on your own site or on any other site for that matter. Why bother? It is a passive stream of income which makes me like it even better.

I wrote this post, Is There An eBook In Your Future? which gives you some eBooks to read on how to learn to do this. Just because it is easy to put it together, does not mean it is a piece of cake to write. You really need to know how to write. If not, the reviewers on Amazon WILL shred you to pieces. Some of them really hate the new indie writers and do what they can to ruin their reputations as writers. Some of them I fear, work for publishers and are trying to force the indie writers to use them instead of being independent of them.

Another post I wrote is called Information For eBook Writers, which gives you even more information to write an eBook of your own. I recommend this as one of your streams of income. Especially if you are a blogger or someone who makes things. You can put together plans on how to make something, even if you are not a writer and sell the plans as an eBook. Images are a little harder to work with on formating and you may want to use a service for that to get it right. Selling the plans will make you that money back and probably rather quickly. If you already have an eBook for sale there, please leave the name of it in the comments. I will try to add it to a future post.

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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

People Like To Criticize Others

Apples left behind in the fall

Social Media is so important in promoting a blog or a website. That interaction with others online gets them to go to your blog or sites. They may even comment on your blog or buy something on your website. When you write something, they say, "who is this person?" "What are they about?" So off they go to check you out. Sometimes, you wish they didn't, depending on the person.

When you write something or share something on Facebook, Twitter, The Blogfrog or on various forums, you are taking a chance that someone is going to take issue with what you post. On Facebook, I see it the most. If you share something you liked or thought was cute, it makes some people to take it upon themselves to criticize  what you posted. Why? Because they never heard the saying, "If you can't say anything good, don't say anything at all."

Some people love to prove what you posted is inaccurate. Or why you shouldn't have posted it in the first place. On Facebook, I figure, if it is my wall, I will post what I want and from now on I am deleting all those type of comments. I can. It is MY wall! Go post what you want on your wall and keep your snide remarks to yourself. I do not go to Facebook to fight with people. Some people really get off on it though.

Have you noticed this yourself? Of course, it may have to do with the fact that many of my friends on Facebook come from a popular forum I go to. They fight on there too. They get down right mean to each other. I don't go there very often due to that problem. Now they do it on Facebook too. I will be deleting those certain friends, since obviously, they are only friends to make their snide remarks about what you post on your wall. Or you can hide them so you don't see what they post anyway. Doing that with some this morning or deleting some.

My life is too busy to worry about people I do not know and probably would not be friends with in real life anyway. Facebook has been my place to connect with family and friends from school and many blogging friends. So there hasn't been that kind of thing going on with them. None of them telling each other how to do everything or what they should say or what they shouldn't post. Maybe they want you to ask their permission to post something to your wall every time? I don't think so! Won't be doing that!

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Monday, March 12, 2012

Targeting Affiliate Links For Your Readers

My regular readers know that I try to work on my many streams of income. I have had many of these streams of income on the back burner due to working on others. As of late, I have been really putting a lot of work into the affiliate relationships I have with various affiliate programs. It is important when choosing companies to work with that you feel they sell a quality product or service. I have some tips to share of my experience with making some extra money with affiliate marketing.

I think the best form to use for affiliate marketing is by writing a blog. Blogging is by far, the best avenue for reaching the internet public. Writing for a certain niche market, creating content that they look forward to reading every day is the key. After you have done that then develop a relationship with your readers. Be very honest with them at all times and they will put their trust in you.

The first thing I do when searching for a merchant that I would like to promote on my blogs, is to find ones that sell products that are along the same lines as my blogs. On my Solar Baby blog, I list affiliate links that have to do with solar or wind power. On my Homesteading On The Internet blog, I have mostly links to Amazon products, which I change from time to time. The products there are for anyone interested in gardening, canning, photography, etc. These are products for my readers who come there looking for homesteading or preparation information.

I have joined a few of the big affiliate type of programs like ShareASale and a couple of others. I am more comfortable with smaller programs or working directly with the merchant themselves. It is fun once you get into it, but it has taken me a few years to learn how to actually get some sales. Even little sales add to your many streams of income. Take little steps and you will get there!

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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Saving Money At The Gas Pump

Gas prices are going up!

The news doesn't look good as far as gas is concerned. I keep hearing all over the internet, how the price of gas is going to reach five dollars a gallon, in time for summer driving. Since I work from my home, I don't have to drive to and from a job every day. That makes a big difference. There are some ways to save money at the gas pumps. It has gone up more than thirty cents since a year ago. So what are we to do?

Work from home on a computer!

Working from home, even if you have a job, is an alternative that more people are doing now. That is a good way to save at the pumps. If you work a job that can be done on your computer from home, talk to your employer. It is a more cost efficient situation for the employer also.

Save gas by doing errands on one trip!

Make every trip count. Make a list of everywhere you have to go. Always shop from a list and it will ensure that you do not forget to pick up something important. No more trips to the store for an extra bag of flour, or a loaf of bread.

Driving slower saves gasoline, as well as prevents accidents. If you need to be somewhere by a certain time, leave earlier.

If you have to stop somewhere, shut your car off, rather than letting it idle. Idling uses gasoline. I used to think it used more gas restarting it but now I have learned it doesn't. Besides, it depends on how long you are sitting there.

Walking is an alternative for city dwellers!

I would say walk or ride a bike, but if you live out in the country, it may not be possible for your situation. In the old days, people walked miles to a job or to go to town. Isn't that easy now, unless you are in good shape and live nearby. In the past, my husband rode a bike with a kids' cart hooked on the back, to our town that is six miles away. It was a hard ride due to NY state's huge hills. He did it, but now he is older and it maybe too much for him, I think.

Making quick stops and fast starts uses a lot more gasoline than slowly braking for a stop. Instead of taking off like a rocket, slowly accelerate to start up again. That is safer driving and may prevent you from hitting someone coming the other way.

Share a ride to the store for shopping with a friend, neighbor or family member. That makes it more fun too.

Do not store a lot of things in your trunk or back seat. Carrying extra weight may cause you to use more gasoline.

Check your tire pressure, because if it is too low you will use 2-3% more gas. This is one thing I learned from my father who was a automotive mechanic and owned his own business.

In slower traffic, drive with your windows down. Driving above 35 mph, have your windows up and use the air conditioning. The aerodynamics of the vehicle causes it to use more gas at faster speeds if the windows are up and it is the opposite at slower speeds.

If you own a car that is a gas guzzler, maybe it is time to look at a new one. I like the new all electric Smart Cars, even though they are very small. That is the one thing that scares me about them, since I don't think you'd survive an accident in one. Some of the other hybrid and all electric vehicles are going down in price, and becoming more affordable. Think about one of them if it is time to trade your present vehicle in. If you need a truck, keep it, and buy another low gas user, hybrid or all electric car, for those trips when you do not need your truck. That is what we are planning on doing.

City living eliminates the need for a vehicle!

I hope some of these ideas help. The only other way way to defeat the cost of gas is to live in a city and not own one at all. It was always my dream to not have to own one, but so far, have not been able to accomplish that dream. We did it for eight months a few years back and it was not easy. What about you? What are your plans for surviving rising gas costs?

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