Who Am I?

Who Am I???

I have been blogging since 2005 here on Blogger with my main blog, Homesteading On The Internet.. I write 5 blogs. I am not saying I am an expert or anything like that, but I have had to make a living by working online since 2002. Frugal living and modern homesteading combined make for a self-sufficient lifestyle as much as possible in these wacky times we live in. 

If my experience can help you, then it is worth it to me to provide it here for you. I love to help others if it is possible. On this blog I try to share with my readers the problems and triumphant victories I have with this selling online business. I write the blogs, as well as eBooks that are for sale in the Kindle store on Amazon and have two websites selling guitar strings. I am also an affiliate associate of various companies. I write for payment and occasionally accept ads for my blogs. So I am trying to do many things to generate a living online. I sell on ebay from time to time, as well as on Amazon. So I have a lot of information to share with you, my readers.

Many times I will share other ways to get ahead. How to conquer the social media monster. How to save money by growing your own food or cooking from scratch. How to barter with others in your area or participate in group buying to save money. Every bit of money you save is one bit of money you don't have to pay to someone outside of your home.

So if you need to contact me or you would just like to tell me about the way you have saved or made money online, feel free to contact me at katlupe@solarbaby.org.

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