Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Identifying My Many Streams Of Income

In trying to keep with my goal of adding many streams of income, I have been working on updating my first eBook, My Homesteading Journey. It needs to be updated every now and then. So in a short time I should have that done and for sale again.

Another stream of income, is my Bonanza booth. So I am working on adding more items for sale there. The more you have the more you sell. If you don't have sales, you just keep adding items. I did that when I had my eBay store. The difference here is that it does not cost anything to list the items on Bonanza so you can just keep listing. I am.

I consider another stream of income is the savings I can achieve through saving money on bills and things we buy. It is a savings of money not spent. So it is another stream of income.

I have been putting ads on some of my blogs and you will see that people have been doing this with me. I like those kind of ads better than affiliate links. They are more personal. I know the person in a way. At least I have emailed back and forth and hopefully, they are who they say they are. That is another stream of income.

Of course, I sell guitar strings on my two websites and that is another stream also. The sales did good for the holidays and now hoping they will pick up more. Working on the marketing part of that.

How many streams of income have you identified in your life? Remember it comes from other sources than just someone paying you for something. Could be a garden which makes it so you don't have to pay so much at the store? Or using coupons to buy groceries and other things? Or bartering? What about swapping babysitting with another mother who works a different shift than you do? What a big savings that would be! Think about it. Sometimes it is right under your nose and you just have to identify it and work on it a little bit.

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