Monday, June 6, 2011

My Many Streams Of Income

One of my little steps has been increasing my streams of income. This year I have been working very heavily in that area. What streams of income do you ask? I am so glad you asked! Here is my list:

1. Growing as much of my own food as I can. Means that I don't have to spend that money in the stores. So it is part of my income stream.

2. Generating even more power once we get our wind turbine added to our solar system. Means less gas spent for the generator when we do not have enough sun.

3. Utilizing our power system to provide our cooking fuel so we can do away with the propane stove. Another savings that becomes part of our income stream.

4. Now I am running three website stores as well as two Bonanza booths and trying to increase my sales by using Social Media as well as other means.

5. Writing 4 blogs presently. I have added Google Adsense to them and am adding some affiliate ads also.

6. Working on writing a book from my blog, The Enduring Word. Hopefully, that will help provide to my stream of income.

That is about it for now. What about you? Are you still working on your stream of income? If you'd like to share, please comment. Good luck!

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