Friday, April 19, 2013

Make Money Working At Home From Amazon!

Life was good in the 80s!

Yesterday I wrote about my many streams of income. That is what makes life brighter for me now. Our economy is bad and life as I knew it in the 70s & 80s, is a far distance memory. But I am not one to sit still and whine about it. It makes me work on my streams of income and try to make them more productive. I also research and study new projects to add to the ones I already have. When one is producing, add another one or do something else.

I sell many brands of guitar strings!

Waking up every morning to sales in my Amazon ProStore makes me eager to get my computer booted up and check my email. I sell guitar strings on my own websites and business has been slow. Even on eBay, I marked the strings way down, and still no sales. Ever since I put them all on Amazon...........I have been selling out of my inventory! Must be the reason I don't get sales anywhere else, is because all the guitar players are shopping on Amazon. Hey, that is fine with me! I like to shop there myself, so I understand.

eBooks are my favorite money stream!

For me, Amazon is awesome! It offers me many different streams of income. It takes a lot of work and researching whatever it is that you are selling. I always think, "Hey, I am working for myself! Nobody to answer to."  Normally, I wouldn't be putting all my eggs in one basket. But they offer so many ways to make money through their site, that it would be stupid not to take advantage of that. Being an Amazon Associate gives me a small deposit from all of my blogs monthly. Not much so far, but it adds up over time. My biggest money maker has been my eBooks in the Kindle store. I am improving all my eBooks right now, and will be adding more. That is by far, my favorite stream of income, because I love to write!

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