Friday, November 19, 2010

Helping Each Other

Right now things look bad in our country due to our economic situation. One thing I have noticed is that this seems to make people pull together more. When they are giving each other advice and trying to figure out ways to cut costs and share their knowledge, that means that they are not hard hearted. They are helping each other. As we all know that if we stand together we can overcome.

In a way, this is what social networking is all about. Sharing. Helping each other. Offering assistance and your knowledge to others, often to people you have never met in person. Offering to help someone with no expectation of receiving money or anything from it, is the best thing you can do in this life. Just because you do not expect to receive anything back does not mean you won't. Many times, it could be years and years later that it will come back to you. And if you have done this many times through out your life, then you could have numerous things coming back to you at various times through out your life. That is what it means. To receive you must give. If not money, time, if not time, then knowledge or something else. Sharing. That is the ultimate  To share with others with no thought of receiving a thing.

It is funny, but there are many wealthy people who offer all kinds of programs and help to people.........but always for a price. They say they can't help everyone. Or they don't know if you are serious if you don't pay them some money. I say rubbish to that! You can help whoever you want. But many of those wealthy people (not saying all, just many) have gotten wealthy off those people who can't afford it. If you want to help people that is fine. Write a book. They can always get the book through their local library. But getting them to believe that if they pay a huge amount of money for your help will make them rich.............well, I just have to say again, rubbish! I see it over and over again. People who can't afford it will use their credit card to pay for someone's information. And the sad thing is, they really believe it will make them lots of money. But does it? Never. Or hardly ever.

So I believe you should help each other. That way we can build up everyone around us. Now I don't necessarily mean I can give money to you or buy your products. But when my situation improves I will buy from you first, before I choose a store or another website. I am trying to do this now on Bonanza where I sell books, guitar strings and some other things. If I need something I will look there first to see if another seller has it.

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