Sunday, July 10, 2011

Improve Your Listings To Sell Online

I have been running some auctions on eBay and of course, I sell on Bonanza also. I have two booths there. There is more to selling on these sites than just listing it. I found a site that I can use for free to make templates for my listings. I love doing that and it has made the process of listing more fun.

Another thing that is handy is using the search engines to research information about whatever you are selling. Sometimes you can find a niche market for a certain item being used in a different way. So when you are checking prices, be sure to check why people would want to buy your item. What can they do with it? Or learn from it (if it is a book)?

Make your listings jump out so the buyers will click on your item rather than someone else's. Be sure to put extra keywords in the title for that purpose. I try to make it sound different than everyone else's listing of the same item. It is VERY competitive out there and you can claim the buyers if you work at it.

On Bonanza, you can put up six photos and they encourage you to do so. So you can write up some beautiful listings there. Of all the selling sites on the internet I feel they are really the easiest to work with and I have fun on their site......whether I am selling or buying!

Copyright © 2011 Kathleen G. Lupole
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