Saturday, August 6, 2011

Selling On Bonanza

 Don't have to drive to work!

Working at home on the internet has many perks. I love working at my own pace and working whenever I choose. It is a very slow time for on line sellers. We have no choice if this is the way we make living, but to keep working at it. I know it is not like a job and having a regular paycheck. Sometimes sales can be good and other times very bad. Right now it is very bad.

I have tested the waters once again on eBay and on, but I really don't feel comfortable on either one. The thing about eBay, is that if you frequent their forums, you will come across the posts of the buyers also. They just can't wait to give negative feedbacks to sellers. They will post asking if this seller should get a bad feedback. I always look at the seller's feedback before I purchase off ebay. Many times the negatives don't seem as if they deserved them. Many times it comes from a new buyer, with few feedbacks.

On Bonanza you don't have to worry about that too much. For the most part, unless my sale is from a seller, I don't get any feedback. That is okay with me. They come from Google searching for a particular book, and choose one of mine. That is feedback enough for me!

 Just one of the many books I sell!

I keep adding more products. Now I am adding some other items, as well, as more books. I keep busy doing that, and hopefully, the buyers will come. If you have time, please go to my booth and "fave" me. I would appreciate it very much!

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