Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Selling On Various Sites

I have been away from this blog most of the summer. My work of gardening and canning has had to be my priority most of the time. That is not to say that I have been lax on trying to improve my many streams of income. That is also an area taking up much of my time. In between my garden harvests, I have been trying to sell various products online.

The last few months I have gone back to selling on eBay. Plus Amazon. Selling books on Amazon is very easy since you don't have to do a listing or photos. Just fill in some blanks and you are all set. As soon as I listed some, I got sales. Quite a few and pretty close together. That is surprising to me since nobody ever leaves me feedback on there. I have 2, compared to other sellers who have over 100,000 and some even more than that! I did get some sales though, so maybe everyone doesn't pay that much attention to how much feedback you have.

I must spend hours scouting eBay trying to figure out why some things sell and some don't. What makes everyone bid on one item and the others don't even get a view? I study the listings, the pictures, the payment and shipping information. I work and work at it, but doesn't seem to help. Sometimes I get the sale. Sometimes not. Luck? Who knows?

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