Saturday, December 3, 2011

Learn To Put Your eBooks Into Kindle Formats

When everyone started talking about book readers, I wasn't interested. Of course, I like eBooks since I write them myself. But I liked reading aloud at night when the power system is shut down. At times we don't have much light depending on what time of the year it is. I would always say that I could read eBooks on my computer.......but for reading, I love holding the physical book! That has changed..............

One of my friends from Facebook got me interested in the Kindle Fire. I read all the information about it on Amazon. I started thinking I could use it at night without the need for a book light (the last one I bought hardly lasted). So I decided to save up all my Swagbucks to buy Amazon gift cards to buy one. Then, my husband surprised me.......................

with a kindle fire!

I have found many books for free on Amazon. Yes, you heard me right.....FREE! I like reading old cookbooks, historical and biographies. But I also discovered there were business books and books about money written in those old days too. They were thinking exactly like we think now!. Thoughts about how times were bad and the worse was on its way. I will post some of them here as I read them. You can download books on Amazon even without a kindle or other such reader. They have an app for you to use for reading books on your computer. Believe me, Amazon covers all the bases!

Publish Your Kindle Book On Amazon

Not only am I reading books on the kindle fire, but I read a book, Amazon Kindle Freebies by Ron Taylor,  that inspired me to format my eBooks into kindle editions. The very next day I was able to work on my book, My Homesteading Journey and put it up on Amazon in their kindle store. Then yesterday, I did the same with my Breads and More cookbook. I am so excited about this! I should be, I have three more eBooks in my computer that I have been working on. Soon I will have them up there too. If you have books just sitting in your computer, learn to format them for the kindle and put them for sale there. It is a very big market, especially with so many people getting them for gifts this year!

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