Thursday, December 15, 2011

My Homesteading Journey Kindle Edition

Thoughts of a simpler life?

Recently I have added my eBooks to the Kindle store on Amazon. This means they had to be formatted for the kindle. I managed to do it and so far, no complaints. I am hoping it works out, as I like selling there. My book, My Homesteading Journey, of course, is written for "modern homesteaders" in mind. It is my story or journey of how my husband and I came to live here and this lifestyle.

As anyone who knows me or that is a member of the Homesteading Today forum, I have told many times before, that I did not live this lifestyle before. Growing up we always lived in the country except for the brief time that we lived in Flagler Beach, FL, where we were a mile from the beach. Other than that, we never lived in the city limits. But my parents both worked at jobs and were not into a self-sufficient lifestyle, even though both of them were raised that way.

I can't tell you how to do it...........just how I did it. It is different for everyone. But I can encourage you be self-sufficient and provide for yourself and your family. This book is the first in a series of books I am working on. I didn't put the gardening part in this one. That will be a whole other book on its own.

Our three horses!

Some topics in my book may be of interest to anyone wanting to learn how to become self-reliant in this crazy world. I don't have all the answers. But these are the things that have worked for us. As you know, we don't raise animals for food. We may get a flock of chickens in the future, but that would be the extent of raising animals.

Gardening For Food!

This is a list of some of the topics I have written about in this book:

Homesteading In The Forest
How My Solar Energy System Works
Heating And Cooling Your Home
Heating With Wood
How We Got To This Point In Our Lives
Buying Your Homestead
1. Finding The Perfect Realtor
2. Making Your Offer
Foraging For Wild Foods
The Pantry & Root Cellar
Building The Barn
Cutting Your Electricity Costs
The Water System
Buying A Wood Cook stove
Cooking On A Wood Cook Stove
katlupe's Favorite Recipes
The Gardens
Decorating Your Homestead 
To Prepare For Self Sufficiency In Times Of Emergencies

If you purchase my book for your kindle and have any questions about homesteading or any of the topics, please feel free to contact me here. I am planning another more detailed homesteading how to book that will be not so personal. More instructional. Your questions will give me a better scope on what is needed for anyone starting out. And if you purchase my book, I want to give you a big Thank You, right now! I really do appreciate it!!!

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