Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Information For eBook Writers

I have been receiving many emails from other writers wanting to write their own eBook. This is the way I did it. I presently use Open Office as my writing program on my computer and that is where I write my books. It is open source software, meaning it is free to download. Most people use Word as their writing program and that is what Kindle Direct Publishing recommended. Once it was written, I uploaded it as a PDF file to KDP. It seems to have worked. I have seen where others had problems with uploading the PDF file,  it can also be uploaded as an html document.

One thing I always do before I start something is to research. I am always researching something. In the Kindle store on Amazon, there are many books on writing your eBook and publishing it to the Kindle. Some are good and some not so much. What I do is to read a variety of these books and then use what I want from each of them.

One of the best I read was written by the founder of Smashwords, Mark Coker. He has written an instructional manual for anyone wanting to publish an eBook. This book, Smashwords Style Guide - How to Format Your Ebook (Smashwords Guides) gave me such detail in formating my eBooks. I highly recommend it. I believe it is free in the Kindle shop and on Smashwords as well. Now I did not use it on my eBooks as I didn't read it until they were already on Amazon. I will be using it on my next one!

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