Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Craigslist Is Disappointing

College building in Binghamton, NY

As everyone knows who comes to this blog, I am always working on my "multiple streams of income." It seems every time I start getting that extra bit of money to come in, it has to be used for some kind of major repair or problem. I had plans to start saving that money or paying down my loan or credit card. Nope. Every single time I get a payment from one of my income streams, I don't see that money in my account or on my debt.

Selling this bike trailer on craigslist!

One of my income streams (I was hoping!), was going to be craigslist. I see many people saying they bought or sold something on there. It made me think I could do it too! How silly of me! Instead I have been receiving porn pictures in my inbox from young pretty women. They all start the same: "Are you Kathleen G. Lupole? I know you are selling an item (or she names what it is) but I see you are in my area and thought we could get together and be friends." Now what is that all about? What does my selling of a child's trailer that hooks onto a bicycle have to do with these women? What makes them think I'd be interested in them? For heavens sake, I am a married women, and not into that kinky stuff at my age! So much for craigslist!

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