Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Cafe Press Is Another Income Stream!

As everyone knows I sell online. I sell whatever I can find to sell. A few months back, I discovered on one of my blogging friends' blog a link to "My Shop" on her blog. I clicked it and found that she had a Cafe Press store with her blog name on all types of merchandise. What a fantastic idea! Her blog is The Redhead Riter and if you look at the index at the top of her blog, you will see My Shop. She also has a community on The Blogfrog and her merchandise would be of great interest in the members of The Redhead Riter Community. They may not know she has this little shop. Check out her great coffee mugs!

So I created my own cafe press store! It is another income stream. I am adding its link to all my blogs and on some of my forum signatures. It is not done yet and I will be adding more and more items to it over time. Using photos of my own to create some unique items is my goal.

If you have a Cafe Press store, please leave your link in the comments. I will add to this blog so others may check your store out too. Tell me what you sell in it. That way we can help each other.

Check out My Homesteading On The Internet Store on Cafe Press!

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