Monday, May 31, 2010

FTC Blogging Disclosure

Peaceful Forest Homestead is touched by the big arm of the FTC Blogging Disclosure

What is this page about you ask? This is another of the constraints of our wonderful FREE country. I have to and so does every other blogger in our country have to post this….. FTC needs a blogging disclosure so that my readers understand that there are times that I may be getting paid for the links in the material I write about. I also have Amazon and other links on the side of the text that I think may be of interest to my readers. I have tried to use reputable companies to affiliate myself with. As of December 1st 2009, I’m required to disclose this for the material I write on.
My text is always about me, my lifestyle, my family, my thoughts or how I did things. Sometimes I write about a subject that I didn’t actually do because a reader had contacted me with a question. Then I go out and do the research on that particular topic and write about it. Not from my own view but from my research.
I never receive anything free from any company or anyone to write a biased text. My content is usually based on my own or my husband’s opinions on business or financial matters.  I do things different than most people and do not expect you or anyone to follow my example. If you want to try some of my ideas that is fine, but you need to do your own research. I will never write a good review about a product that I don’t feel deserves it. I try to be very honest in all my posts whatever the subject.
What I am trying to explain here is that I am an affiliate marketer as well as a blogger. When I choose to write about my experiences with a product and/or service, often times I will have an affiliate link attached to that product. If so when you buy that product I will get paid a small commission. It’s not much but keeps my site going. So thank you if you do click my links and make a purchase. I appreciate it.
According to the new law from the FTC, I need to disclose this to you.
Kathleen G. Lupole
May 31, 2010
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