Sunday, May 30, 2010

Little Steps #1 - Goals

Freedom comes with planning and hard work!

Your first step should be listing your goals.What is it that you want? Do you want to own a big fancy house? Drive a fancy sports car? Or are you happy with a modest home and vehicle and look forward to seeing the world? Traveling is the goal of many people. Paying for your children's education is another good goal. List every single thing you can think of. All your wants. Maybe you just want to pay off all your debt. For me, I'd have to say my number one goal is the freedom I mentioned in my last post. Freedom will give me any or all of those things if I so choose.

Freedom will give me the choices I want in life. The choices to do what I want when I want. Not having to do something because it is all I can afford. Not having to buy a certain kind of car because it is the cheapest or in my price range. I want to be comfortable in my life. But not to have to work nonstop because I want freedom. Then that would not be freedom. That would chain me to a computer or whatever I am doing to make money.

Having many different streams of income also gives me the freedom of not being dependent on one business or one form of income generation. I enjoy working on my computer so that is where I find my source of income. Establishing my business of selling guitar strings has been a focus of mine for some time now. I am building this business up little by little. I see an increase in my sales and the hard work is beginning to pay off. I also write two other blogs that I have had up for more than a year. I write about my lifestyle on Homesteading On The Internet and on Solar Baby I write about our small affordable solar system. I have affiliate links on both of those and will have some on this site as well. Affiliate links help to keep my sites up and running. Maybe some day they will generate more income. I have to learn how to hit the right mix of affiliate links and non-affiliate links to generate the trust of my readers. Many of my links are not paid hits just links of sites that I like.

Another form of income for me is my eBook, My Homesteading Journey. It is a book I wrote about my lifestyle about three years ago. I was surprised with that book when I had a VERY famous celebrity buy it. Here I was thinking that a poor person living in Los Angeles was buying my book to learn how to escape from the city. I put the person's name in the search engine and who should come up but a VERY famous father and his address and telephone number! I could not believe it. I did it over again. Then I checked the address and telephone number and sure enough..............a rich person, living in Hollywood bought my book. It was on their computer! I was so psyched!! So working on the internet brings your products to the worldwide market.

So take a few minutes today and write your wants and goals down. They are two different things. Your wants are your dreams of the future. What it is that you want from life. Money does not matter. Whatever it is. As Donald Trump says, "Dream Big." Your goals are your list of what you must do to make your dreams come true.

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