Saturday, May 29, 2010

Welcome To Little Steps!

One of my many steams of income comes from my eBook,
My Homesteading Journey

Welcome to my new blog, Little Steps! I am hoping to share my knowledge with anyone who comes here looking for answers. Answers to what? Answers to living in the world we now have. A world of depression and economic uncertainty. Doctors now say that the biggest cause of disease and ill health is caused by stress. Stress that comes from financial struggles. And I am not talking about just people living at or below the poverty level. I am talking about people making what most consider to be good incomes. Makes sense to me. The reason being that people who are living at poverty, or below poverty levels, are used to it. They know what to do to survive. Not people with good incomes. Or people who USED to have good incomes. By the way, what exactly is a good income anyway? 

Everyone is looking for money. Everyone is looking for an easy way to riches. Everyone is searching for a way to eliminate debt. People are struggling financially the world over. If you are not rich you are suffering from no freedom. Freedom is only available to people with the means to pay their own way. To pay for their own health care. To pay for their own food, housing, transportation, etc. What to do? Such a big to do over the health care insurance that is being forced on us. Don't you think everybody would have it if they could afford it? So what happens if you just don't have the extra money for it? Do they throw those people in jail? Maybe they should, because then they could get their health care without having to pay for the insurance. Maybe that is what will have to happen. If you are stretched already trying to live from one paycheck to another, how do they expect you will be able to pay for another bill? And how much will that bill be? Health insurance is very expensive. Otherwise, everyone would already have it!  

I presently have eight different streams of income. Some provide more income than others. Some do well for awhile and then lose their momentum for a period of time. You have to work hard on each of them. But I have learned not to keep all my eggs in the same basket. If I am too dependent on one income and something happens to it then I would be out of luck. Luck? Not really luck but hard work. Even with hard work things happen.One other way to have extra income is by cutting expenses in other areas. Now I am not talking about living frugally..........even though I have written often on my other blog about living that way. I have decided I want to live the good life, but not by being a penny pincher or a tightwad. I have cut expenses in ways that have raised my standard of living. I will elaborate more about that in future posts.

I believe you need a goal list or a map of sorts. One that will keep you motivated to actually do what needs to be done to realize your goals. Little steps is what my husband calls it. Little steps lead to the bigger steps, to attaining one of your goals. You work on one of your little steps and that will enable to move up to another step, and soon those little steps have enabled you to attain one of your goals. Your goals can be whatever you want them to be. There are no rules in following your little steps. It is what you want to do with your life. Think about it.

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