Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Changes Even When You Don't Agree

As you can see I have been experimenting with changes in the templates for my blogs. Everyone on The Blog Frog says they hate black or dark backgrounds with white writing. Can I help it that I love that look? Musicians seem to like that too. I have been to many musicians' sites because I sell guitar strings and that is what I see the most. So they like that and the mommy bloggers don't. Who do I try to appeal to? I don't really know, so here I am experimenting again with templates. I loved the ones I had but if no one comes to them because of the color of the backgrounds or the color of the fonts what should I do?

You can see that many times you must make changes in your life. Changes of the way you do things even if you would rather not. I want people to come to my blogs and read them. If they all want them in black writing on white background I will try to please them. It is what I consider good customer service.

My biggest problem in doing this though is that some of the bloggers said they hated pastel colors for the font or the background and then they turned around and said they could not read white writing on black or dark backgrounds..................?????????????????? So what do they like? Do they know? There isn't much to chose from if it is not pastel, not dark and not white. Okay, so mine are now white background with black writing but the links and other stuff are orange mostly. Whew! If I don't see an increase in readers I will go back to what I like best. At least I tried.

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