Thursday, July 1, 2010

Be Careful On Financial Sites

Did you ever do something by accident by clicking a link on a website and then couldn't get out of it? I did that recently. I was paying our credit card bills when I came to this link that said "Make money every time you pay your bill." That got my curiosity up! Pay my bill and make some money back? What was that about anyway? So I clicked and found out it was a special agreement between the company and you to help people pay off their credit card debt. I figure it was not for us. Besides this card is a low amount card and only used for little things and paid off every month or so. So I clicked to leave and said in big letters, "Thank you for signing up for whatever it was called, I can't remember right now." 

So I go back and look at it. It was an agreement to pay more than your minimum payment for six months and not use your credit card in that time period. To help you pay it off. I think it is probably a good thing if you have a large balance. But this is low amount card and we use it for gas mostly since we can pay at the pump. I emailed them and finally heard back from them. Well today.........relief finally! A woman called and said she took care of it for us. Oh boy! So from now on I will never click a link on any credit card website out of curiosity. I learned my lesson!

I see that many times you sign up for something and then that company acts like you never signed up. But here is a site that tricks you into signing up without actually doing anything except reading the page on their site. Not a good way to do business. Makes me very cautious of them from now on. So be careful when you click any links on any credit card or bank sites. They are sneaky to say the least.