Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Make A List to Get Ahead With

I usually put up a Wordless Wednesday for my post on Wednesday but I am skipping that this week. I am going to post a list since that is one of our little steps for getting ahead and gaining control of our lives. Lists really help you figure out where you are going and what you need to do to get there.

1. Update the calendar - a big one. Put up all your bills, appointments, plans for each day if you have any.

2. Update your Rolodex - then update your address book that should be kept in your purse or briefcase.

3. All your mail - when it comes into your house it should be filed or thrown away that day.

4.Check registers - for all bank accounts,credit card accounts and loans. Update constantly.

5. Automatic withdraws -  write in registers for each pay period. So you don't use that money.

6. Start automating your life -  use one online store, set up an account and start using it.

7. If you have debt -  start paying down the credit card or loan that is the least amount first.

8. Stock Up -  every time you go into a grocery store buy something to put in your stockpile.

9. Start saving - to buy an extra tool or appliance that you need. Or it could be extra parts for one.

10. Make a goal list - keep it on your desktop and print it out and put it on your bulletin board too.

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