Sunday, August 22, 2010

Make Plans For This Week

What are your plans for this week? A new week, a new time. My plans for this week will definitely be to open my business bank account. That is what I need for my business. The credit union I was using was a bad choice and now I will be going to a regular bank. Living in a rural area limits your choices but we will figure it out.

This week too, I have to do more preparation of food for our supplies. That takes time but I don't mind as that is the best part of this  homesteading lifestyle. The weather is changing and that is a reminder that it is time to stock up food, supplies, kindling and firewood. So we will take care of that this next month. I expect it to be a busy month.

The next thing to work on for me is to Make A List To Get Ahead With and really get it completed so I can start another list. I will keep this one in focus this week. I tend to get off track doing something else and then don't remember what I originally wanted to do. Focus, focus, focus! I will stick to my plan and see what a difference that will make. 

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