Friday, August 20, 2010

Start Planning Now To Take Care Of Yourself!

Farmers have something we all need!

People are having a hard time right now. Everything costs much more than normal. Last year Social Security said they were not giving a cost of living raise to their recipients because the cost of living did not go up. Who are they kidding? There are rumors to the effect that they are going to pull that one again this year! Why not just be honest and tell the American people that Social Security cannot afford to give a raise again this year? We are grown ups here and don't need to be kept in the dark. Besides we already know this anyway.

So if you are trying to make ends meet you must grow your own food as much as possible. If you can't grow a garden, you must purchase food from produce and farm markets and then can it. I say canning because that is what I do. But you can freeze it if you want to take a chance of losing it when you have a power outage. Next is to buy meat in bulk and do the same. Then you can start stocking up little by little with all the other products, including paper products by purchasing an extra of everything you use, every time you buy.

This plan should help you get started. Try to find something you can sell or a service you can get paid for so if something did happen to your job, social security or just life you can earn some money. It needs to be something you can be independent of others to do. Or something you can raise or make and sell. Here is a breakdown of your "Little Steps" for this:

1. Either grow or purchase bulk amounts of food to can, freeze or dehydrate.

2. Purchase extras of all products you use every time you buy.

3. Find something to sell or a service you can do to generate extra money. Not a job! Something needed!

That should do it. If you start working on those areas you will see a difference in how much money goes out of your bank account. You need to count on yourself first...........not your employer and not the government. They will not take care of you no matter what you think. The fact is that our government is not on our side. So you better start planning and please..........start today!

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