Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Bridge Between Income And Debts

Looking for leaks in your budget? If you have gone over and over your budget with a fine tooth comb and there is just nothing left to cut, what do you do? The answer to that is to study your income. All money coming into your household. Now, that is where you concentrate. Bring more money in to cover those leaks. Some things are just not possible to cut. When you go into the stores now, you have to pay more for just about everything. I have cut and cut and cut some more. But you get to a point where there is nothing else to cut. Now I am concentrating on trying to make some money in other ways.

I have read more than a few of Donald Trump's books, Rich Dad Poor Day series of books and am now reading Robert Allen's books. So it is not like I do not have the knowledge to do this. I do. I wrote about this in this post called Some Ways To Generate Cash and I am not talking about those get rich schemes either. Here are some quick ideas I have come up with:

1. Bake something you can sell, like cookies, breads, pies, etc. Advertise it or go to some office buildings and see if there is some interest in the offices for their coffee breaks for your baked goods.

2. Do a service for someone, like babysitting, raking leaves, splitting and stacking firewood, feeding pets or livestock, driving someone to appointments or to shop, running errands, care giver, house cleaning, typing, web design, computer set up or repair, internet marketing, internet research, online selling, computer lessons, writing reviews or content, etc. I could think of a lot of these. How about you?

3. Write a eBook on your knowledge of something. We all have knowledge of something! Think! It doesn't have to be too long. Maybe 35+ pages. I did this and am presently updating it making it much larger and eliminating the photos as they take too long for my buyers to upload.

4. If you have a talent, such as a musician, you can write and sell songs, you can put together a music cd and sell it online, you can play at local places, bars, restaurants, clubs, churches, etc.

5. If you have good credit, you can possibly buy multifamily real estate and collect rents to increase your income. Very good way to provide more income!

6. Of course if you already have a job, I am sure you are not looking for another one. But a second job is a way some people go now. Or get a raise or a different job that pays more. Go to school and change fields so you can make more money. Or start your own business. I am sure you can think of some other options there.

I hope this gives you some more options to think about. If you have some problem that needs solving you can leave it in the comments and maybe someone here would have an idea or two for you.

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