Sunday, September 12, 2010

Some Ways To Generate Cash

One of the ways you can start generating cash is by selling your own items on one of the well known selling sites. Such as Amazon, eBay, Bonanzle, Etsy and many others. These are ones that I am most familiar with. If you have never sold anything online before, as bad as it's reputation is, I suggest getting your feet wet using eBay. I learned everything I needed to know there, and I sold a lot of stuff. Made very good money on stuff that in a garage sale would have brought in pennies.

Another way is if you have a service you can offer people. This would not be an online business though you could set up a website to get your business out to the public. That is unless it is an online service. Even local people look things up on the internet now. I prefer not to do any kind of business or job that would entail leaving my home, but that is up to you. It would seem that your service could end up being a job. Not a passive type of income for sure.

If you have knowledge of some subjects or skills, you can write about them. Develop a blog like this one, and try to network with other people in your niche. Then when you write an article or preferably, an eBook,  your readers will be interested in it and purchase it. Downloadable products are easy once you have them on your site. Your buyers can purchase them anytime and download them. My eBook, My Homesteading Journey, is one of those type of products. It has been the easiest product I sell. Presently, I am working on updating it.

These are just a few ways you can get started immediately. I will give you other ideas, but don't want to give you too many at first. Think about yourself. Your goals. Your interests. Your immediate needs. And what do you really want to be doing? Now and in the future?

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