Sunday, September 19, 2010

More Than Forty Hours A Week

One of the things you learn when you are running your own home-based business is that you usually work way more than forty hours a week. Working from home, wearing all the hats of your company entail many hours. Yet it is more satisfying because it is your's. Working for someone else is never what we think it will be. I always remember how you just can't wait to get that job! You do everything you can to win it and you talk about it all the time. When you get that job........... what you are going to do with all that money you will be making! Remember that? Two weeks later, when it is time to get up to go to work, it's "I hate this job!" "I'm calling in sick!" And at work what are you doing? Watching the clock all day! I know that program well.

So I spend hours on my computer. What do I do? I am doing lots of writing! Lots of promoting! Lots of marketing! And lots and lots of social networking! Social networking is like going to the golf course for a round of golf with potential business associates. Just do it sitting at your computer. And these days you are networking with people across the country...............and around the world! It is your call who and how you want to find your customers. So keep plugging along and one day you will find it pays off. But if you give up because you are not making money immediately than maybe you shouldn't even be in business. It takes more backbone than that. Too many people give up too quickly nowadays.

If you are are having problems setting goals, what are your problems? Is it something you need help with? Is it the time to spend on it? Or is it family being against you doing it? List your priorities and then study them! Make a list of how you can achieve them. Now do it!

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