Thursday, March 17, 2011

Switching Phone Service To Save Money

Cutting back on some of my bills means that I am going to be changing over our telephone service to Tracfones only. I already have one that I have been really lax about learning how to use it. So I am concentrating on familiarizing myself with it. My husband is researching which one he wants to buy. He is leaning toward the Tracfone with internet access. As he is into the programming and design of our sites, as well as some others, and feels he needs it for the mobile work he has to do.

For us to have two of these phones is a lot less than what we pay our telephone company monthly. Since we have the satellite  for internet  there is no sense in keeping the land line any longer. We have been using the email addresses from our dial-up account and paying for that even though we are not using the dial-up. I am kind of excited about this change in our life.

Neither my husband nor I are telephone people. We hardly ever talk to anyone outside of our families. My father is 91 and I call him but not really often. He is usually outside when I call during the day. I find it easier to visit him if he is home. My husband's father is also 91 and he cannot talk on the telephone because he is very hard of hearing. He can hear if you are there in person, but that is with his hearing aid in. So neither one of us spend much time on a telephone anyway.

The big thing was to change our email addresses. I made a list and I know that I am missing some of the places I need to change my address at. If I can get it through the biggies I will be glad. Biggies like Paypal - that was the MOST important one, and it is done already with no problem that I can see! And Amazon is second, along with Google. I figure if I can get them done, the rest will not be so bad. Trouble is........there are soooo many!

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