Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Organization IS The Key To Your Success!

My Forsythia  bush
I have sadly neglected this blog. I didn't mean to. But I have been so busy doing so many other things this year. I tried to sell my books on eBay and did it mostly as an experiment. I lost money. Due to Paypal and eBay fees, shipping costs, printing costs and shipping envelopes. No, it was not worth it or my time. So I am giving my books away instead.

As we all know, the key to success is organization and if you are not organized, you will never be successful. So that is my biggest goal right now. Not only in my business but in our house, and our life too. I have started so many projects and then start another one without finishing the first one. Going to stop that right now! I am going back to all those half finished jobs I was doing and get them all finished and done with for good.

I have been doing very well on my uncluttering project. But still working on it. With the price of gas so high, it is not that easy to fill the truck up with my unwanted stuff and drive to the thrift store. The closest one I cannot go to any longer because it is upstairs and I just cannot make it up any stairs alone any more. So I will get this job done as soon as I can.

That is another area to get organized on is to buy enough supplies to cook from scratch every day. Now I usually cook from scratch anyway, but I am talking about going another step. Making my salad dressing, all my breads, crackers, everything I possibly can. It is not easy, but it is good for you health wise and financially too. A loaf of bread can go from costing three something at the store to costing about thirty-three cents a loaf baked at home. And you know the best part? It is better tasting than the ones we purchase in the stores! Wow! Your house will smell great too!

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