Monday, May 23, 2011

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I have been working on building another website. It is called Lupe Shop and I will be selling various other items. Not guitar strings, music CDs or my eBooks. But new items that are needed for home and garden. I have enjoyed working with my husband on this project. It is something I have wanted to do for a long time now. The ultimate store with good quality products. All name brands which is good because they come with warranties.

Still my uncluttering project has been taking a lot of my time also. is coming along! Making so much progress. I found it hard in the beginning to get rid of things I kept for sentimental reasons. But now, I am just doing it. I have carried around some things from my childhood for way too many years now. Time to rid myself of these items. Besides if I rehome these items now, then they will be in a safer place rather then when nobody wants them. That is when they get taken to the dump.

It is easy to hold onto things, like books, so you can sell them. But they do not sell instantly and you are stuck with them taking up space. You can put them in a garage sale or do what I am, give them to someone who really wants them. I am looking forward to taking the books to this lady's house this week! Ten boxes of good quality books! I can't believe I had that many boxes.

We want to make our house basically, clutter free. I want to use the computer for movies and music. No piles of stuff! What about you? Do you have a way of dealing with all your stuff? How do you manage it? Does it ever get the better of you?

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