Sunday, May 29, 2011

Using Social Media To Promote My Sites

Working from home

I have been spending a lot of time on Pinterest. It is another social network of sorts. It is fun! I end up spending too much time there. I came up with a great idea. If you are selling items in a web store or on a site like Bonanza or Etsy, you can create a pin for one of your items. Then it shows up on Pinterest. Once it is there, many people will repin it, like it and go to your site to see it. Maybe even buy it.

Social networking is a hot word these days. It really does work. I think it is equivalent to meeting other business people for drinks after work. Instead we meet online. I use Twitter and Facebook a lot. Lately, I have started using StumbleUpon too. If you go to any of those sites, add me as friend or follow me.....user name is always katlupe.

Since we started our new site, I have been very busy adding new products to it. Having an online business is time consuming, especially in the beginning of getting it off the ground. Business expenses such as domain names, hosting, business documents, etc. It is so worth it once it gets going and starts making a bit of money. I do love having a home based business that is for sure. I really would have no other choice since I doubt anyone hire me due to health issues. So taking it in my own hands.

How about you? Do you use social media to promote your business or blog? Which ones do you use? Why? Which ones do you hate? Why? I am interested in what you think and will share it in future posts.

Have a safe Memorial Day week-end!

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