Tuesday, February 28, 2012

First Payment From Kindle Direct Publishing

I am so excited to tell you that I received my very first payment from Kindle Direct Publishing at Amazon for my eBooks! I can hardly believe it. Yes, I know I am not selling them for a lot of money, but they are selling. I have three books there and selling each one for .99. It is low enough that I figure the people who I want to reach can afford it.

The hardest part by far, was the formating it for the kindle. Right now, I have my 3rd updated copy of My Homesteading Journey up there. It still is not perfect for me. I tried to fix the problems the conversion made. I tried to make the table of content links work for the third time. They work on my computer in each format I worked on. Still doesn't work in the book. Actually, that book doesn't really need the table of content links as badly as the other two. It would have been nice though.

The other two books are cookbooks and yes, they really do need a table of content with clickable links to work. If you want to use a recipe you need to click it and go right to it. It must have something to do with the conversion is all I can see. Yet, I have bought some kindle books that have links that work and some that do not.

Other than that one issue, I have been quite pleased with my books. I have also learned to do two very important things:

  • Do not check the reviews on Amazon! No more, I have had two bad ones and I will no longer let the bitter tongue of someone else, affect me or my mood. My thoughts on this is that, they are just jealous because I live a life they never will, nor understand. 
  • Do not check your sales all day long. Sometimes I even forget to do it at all. Do not let a refund of a book affect you either. If they don't like your book, it is better that they don't keep it. 
If you decide to sell an eBook on Amazon, let me know and I will go check it out! I love to hear from other authors and your experiences.

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