Sunday, March 11, 2012

Saving Money At The Gas Pump

Gas prices are going up!

The news doesn't look good as far as gas is concerned. I keep hearing all over the internet, how the price of gas is going to reach five dollars a gallon, in time for summer driving. Since I work from my home, I don't have to drive to and from a job every day. That makes a big difference. There are some ways to save money at the gas pumps. It has gone up more than thirty cents since a year ago. So what are we to do?

Work from home on a computer!

Working from home, even if you have a job, is an alternative that more people are doing now. That is a good way to save at the pumps. If you work a job that can be done on your computer from home, talk to your employer. It is a more cost efficient situation for the employer also.

Save gas by doing errands on one trip!

Make every trip count. Make a list of everywhere you have to go. Always shop from a list and it will ensure that you do not forget to pick up something important. No more trips to the store for an extra bag of flour, or a loaf of bread.

Driving slower saves gasoline, as well as prevents accidents. If you need to be somewhere by a certain time, leave earlier.

If you have to stop somewhere, shut your car off, rather than letting it idle. Idling uses gasoline. I used to think it used more gas restarting it but now I have learned it doesn't. Besides, it depends on how long you are sitting there.

Walking is an alternative for city dwellers!

I would say walk or ride a bike, but if you live out in the country, it may not be possible for your situation. In the old days, people walked miles to a job or to go to town. Isn't that easy now, unless you are in good shape and live nearby. In the past, my husband rode a bike with a kids' cart hooked on the back, to our town that is six miles away. It was a hard ride due to NY state's huge hills. He did it, but now he is older and it maybe too much for him, I think.

Making quick stops and fast starts uses a lot more gasoline than slowly braking for a stop. Instead of taking off like a rocket, slowly accelerate to start up again. That is safer driving and may prevent you from hitting someone coming the other way.

Share a ride to the store for shopping with a friend, neighbor or family member. That makes it more fun too.

Do not store a lot of things in your trunk or back seat. Carrying extra weight may cause you to use more gasoline.

Check your tire pressure, because if it is too low you will use 2-3% more gas. This is one thing I learned from my father who was a automotive mechanic and owned his own business.

In slower traffic, drive with your windows down. Driving above 35 mph, have your windows up and use the air conditioning. The aerodynamics of the vehicle causes it to use more gas at faster speeds if the windows are up and it is the opposite at slower speeds.

If you own a car that is a gas guzzler, maybe it is time to look at a new one. I like the new all electric Smart Cars, even though they are very small. That is the one thing that scares me about them, since I don't think you'd survive an accident in one. Some of the other hybrid and all electric vehicles are going down in price, and becoming more affordable. Think about one of them if it is time to trade your present vehicle in. If you need a truck, keep it, and buy another low gas user, hybrid or all electric car, for those trips when you do not need your truck. That is what we are planning on doing.

City living eliminates the need for a vehicle!

I hope some of these ideas help. The only other way way to defeat the cost of gas is to live in a city and not own one at all. It was always my dream to not have to own one, but so far, have not been able to accomplish that dream. We did it for eight months a few years back and it was not easy. What about you? What are your plans for surviving rising gas costs?

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