Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Path To Freedom

Everyone is looking for money. Everyone is looking for an easy way to riches. Everyone is searching for a way to eliminate debt. People are struggling financially the world over. If you are not rich you are suffering from no freedom. Freedom is only available to people with the means to pay their own way. To pay for their own health care. To pay for their own food, housing, transportation, etc. What to do?

Not only do you have make a plan but you have to make the time. The time to educate yourself. Wisdom is the key to life. Remember when Solomon prayed to God for wisdom? The Lord liked that. So he rewarded him with a long life and much riches. God rewarded Abraham for persevering and traveling in the desert and  living in tents and just having the faith that God would bless him eventually. Which he did. 

I have the faith that if I believe...........then it will come to be. I believe that in all areas of my life. From financial to my health. So I know that one day I will be prospering and I want to share my wisdom with anyone who wants to prosper too. So please join me in this unbelievable will be glad you did!

If I can accomplish my goals to financial freedom from here..........then you can too! Yes, you can. The first thing you need is a game plan or a map. As everyone is writing all over the internet, is that you can not travel anywhere without a map. You have to figure out where you want to go as well as how you want to go.

Dare to dream and dream BIG! Make a list of your dreams. If you have them written down you will remember them. You will see them every day if you put your list somewhere prominent........near your computer, on your refrigerator...........anywhere where you will see it and read it daily.

Copyright © 2010 Kathleen G. Lupole