Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Think Big!

Freedom to do what I want when I want!

Goal #1 - Freedom to do what I want when and how I want. 

That is a big goal to try to reach. I know that. Donald Trump tells in his book to think big. I am struggling at this moment in time to do that. Have to keep that in my mind all the time. I think I will make a big sign to put on my wall that says 

T H I N K   B I G !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Now that might work since I can see it all day long. I am also realistic enough to know I can't do something that would cost me thousands or millions of dollars if I don't have that much money. My "little steps" will lead to those types of deals or situations in the future. Just prod along till I get there. In my case though, I am going to be prodding along a little faster than most due to my age. But what I have come to realize in writing this is that my main objective in life should be Freedom to do what I want, when, and how I want. It should not be goal #1. The goals should be leading up to that. Just like the "little steps" should lead up to accomplishing each goal. 

So my list now looks like this:

Main Objective: Freedom to do what I want when and how I want.

Goal #1 - Educate myself to be able to do my first investment.
                Little Step #1 - Read Cashflow Quadrant.
                Little Step #2 - Study the real estate forums (for investors) that I belong to.
                Little Step #3 - Put up a sign that says: Think Big on the wall next to me.
                Little Step #4 - Find a way to generate at least $400. extra a month for next steps. 
                Little Step #5 - Put extra money on debts.
                Little Step #6 - Put extra money in savings toward first investment.

Okay, now I at least have a plan. It can be changed. It is not set in stone. It is my plan. But it gives me something to work for. Finding the extra money is my biggest hurdle. I need to work on my affiliate links that I have on my blogs. Have good ones that people will be interested in. Work on my new network marketing business, Global Domain International. Work on listing more books and other items on Bonanzle. Bonanzle is like eBay but better and friendlier. I have been listing books on there for the last couple of weeks. Put out more advertisements for my two websites on which I sell guitar strings. Had real good sales the last month. Hope it keeps going that well. 

Another way I am able to get more cash is by growing my own food in my garden. If the groceries cost me less than that is money in my pocket too. So those are things I am working on today and will write more about some of them in my next posts. In many ways, your present lifestyle can free up some cash to use for your investment fund or debt load. Then you can go back to living the way you want after you have your investments giving you that passive cashflow. 

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