Monday, June 28, 2010

Write Your Content Properly

I read with interest on forums when people write about wanting to make money by writing a blog. What I find the most interesting is that they will write a whole paragraph with no punctuation, misspellings through out, and very bad grammar. How can that person be serious about writing for money or even for having others come to their blog and want to follow it? Sure we make a typing error or misspell a word........but not every time! Not through out our whole blog! If I did that I'd be embarrassed to publish it or especially for other people to read it.

Spelling should be a "no brainer" with all the computer writing programs having spell check. I can see immediately that I have misspelled a word. In fact, some words stand out to me if they are not correct. How many emails do you receive with someone wanting to sell you something but is full of misspelling and very bad grammar? If you want to sell me something, I don't care what country you are better learn to write in English properly or you will not get my business!

If you picked up a book and it was full of misspelled words and had no sentences or paragraphs, wouldn't you find it hard to read? I always pick out the misspellings in any book or any website. It just comes to me. I worked a job once in Clearwater, FL that was proofreading telephone books. I loved it! The designers dreaded me getting their ads. To this day, I pride myself on finding those mistakes.

Remember if you are trying to write a blog or a website or even emails, you want to make an impression with what you put down in text. If you make it hard to read, your readers will click away or they will delete your email. I know. I do it all the time. If you write your text with no paragraphs or make them real long and boring and hard to one is going to read them through! I look at notes on Face Book for example and they write them with no breaks or paragraphs between sentences. So I find them hard to read and cannot finish them. I might skim them at the most. Maybe it is my eyes as I have gotten older.

Then again, I know some people who have trouble with fonts that are too small or they are colored. I loved using the different colors for my writing until I met someone who could not read what I wrote due to her eye problems with colored font. So how many other people online have those same problems? She could not be the only one. I stick with black most of the time now.

The most important part of writing online is getting people to come to your site or blog and staying there to read it. To click to other pages or posts. To click the links you have set up for them. To spend some time with you. But if you make it hard for them they will leave in less than a second. That is not much time to make a good impression. So brush up on your writing skills. One other thing is that the more you write the better you will become. So spend some time on it and make it worth reading by your visitors. Good luck!

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