Thursday, February 10, 2011

How To Use Social Media To Promote Your Business

I have opened a second booth on Bonanza for selling my guitar strings. It seems to me that a separate booth focusing on the strings only would be better for those sales. The other booth, katlupe's Booth is for selling used items, mostly books and CDs. 

I am also writing a blog for selling guitar strings called String Baby. The thing about the blog though, I am not a musician myself and any dreams of my husband, who is one, writing a long gone. He just does not have the time available. I found a site some years back that offers free articles written by other authors on different subjects. They let you use their articles for free if you just make sure to link back to them. So I am doing that for my String Baby blog, and it looks quite nice. The articles I am getting for this are all written by musicians. So that takes care of that problem.

On Facebook, I have a page for String Baby. I started it awhile back and need to get working on it in the next day or so. A good week-end project! If you go to that page please, "like" me! I will be working on it soon. I also have a page on myspace but have not been there in months so I won't add that link here.

My husband does String Baby's twitter page, so I am not doing that presently. But you see how all these little things add up to bringing more people to your site? That is what Social Media is all about!

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