Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Saving Extra Money

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Do you wonder how you can save money when there is no extra money? I was wondering that myself at one time. Then I came up with a great idea. I make little bits of money off my blogs at times. Not much. But as an affiliate of Amazon, I make a few bucks when someone clicks my Amazon links and makes a purchase on Amazon. Of course, I have that money accumulating at Amazon until I have $50. in that account. When that happens and they transfer that money to my account, I plan on putting it in my savings account immediately. 

When you shop at the store you can use coupons and the money you save can be taken out of the grocery money and added to the savings account also.

Another thing I have been trying to do, is when I have change I put it in a jar. But I also put all five dollar bills in the jar too. It adds up faster that way. Then that money will be added to the savings account.

If you can manage to take at least $10. out of your pay check and add that to your savings account that is another way to increase it little by little. When you can, you increase that amount until you are saving a nice sum.

I have an idea of what to do to cut expenses and I have been doing that it seems forever. The things I do are:

  1. Cook from scratch. No store bought salad dressings, processed foods, bread, cookies, etc. 
  2. Generate our own electricity. Adding more panels and batteries little by little so we use our generator less. 
  3. Use the winter climate for refrigeration. No cost for running a refrigerator. In summer we have had to buy ice.
  4. Buy meats, cheese, butter and the vegetables I don't grow, in bulk and can them for quick easy meals.
  5. We do not pay for garbage pick up but drive our own garbage to the landfill, which is only 3 miles away.
  6. When I go to town, I try to do many errands at one time. 

Those little bits of savings do add up. It may not seem like it at the time, but in the long run, over time it does.  How do you think those little old ladies who die that had simple low paying jobs, die with millions of dollars stuffed in the mattresses?

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