Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Relocating To Paradise?

Thinking of relocating from a cold climate? I know I would love to leave this snow covered state about now. We have been hit by so much snow this year. It is not unusual for us in New York state to get so much. But some of the southern states are getting snow and extremely cold temperatures too. Makes you wonder if this may become the norm.

Did you ever think of making the move to a state like Hawaii? Hawaii has the perfect climate! It is tropical though the humidity isn't bad due to the trade winds blowing in from the east. Winter temperatures in the 80's but never lower than the 60's. It is one of the top tourist destinations.

Relocating to Hawaii is a move many Americans have made. They have left the mainland US behind for the tropical paradise. Like I said, the winter weather on the east coast seems to be getting worse and dipping down into the southern states as well. It is easy to understand why people might want to pack up and leave. And what could be better than a tropical climate? 

Hawaii isn't all beaches though. It produces coffee, macadamia nuts, pineapple, livestock and sugarcane, as well as some apparel exports. The tourist trade though is the biggest money maker in Hawaii. Tourists contribute to the tax burden of the state through the general excise tax and hotel room tax. Hawaiian residents live in one of the highest taxed states.  

If I was considering a move to Hawaii, I think I would take a vacation there first. Instead of just doing the tourist activities, take a real look around the various islands. Learn about the people, the businesses, the housing market, the jobs and the schools. Dig down under the tropical paradise persona to see the real Hawaii. Then make the decision to relocate to the surfer's paradise. 

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