Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Think Before You Do Something Important

My husband worked at IBM in Endicott, NY. His uncles all worked there too. Thomas Watson was known all over our area. Lots of good stories about him. I took care of a lady once in health related facility and she said her husband worked in IBM too. Their daughter got polio and was crippled. Thomas Watson took them in his car to  New York City to get help for her. He paid for it too. Not many bosses or heads of companies that would do that now.

All over IBM, my husband said they had this sign, Think. I thought it would be a good reminder for people. Think before you do something. Really think about it. My mother always wrote a list of the pros and cons of something before she made a decision. It is something I often do myself. Not saying I have done it every time. Though I wish I had.

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