Thursday, February 17, 2011

Providing Food For Your Family

Photo Source: Library Of Congress

Saving money is a big thing on everyone's minds lately. Though I guess it has always been on everyone's minds. It just seems to be on my mind more than usual lately. Everything has gone up so much that I want to scream, "That is enough! The Social Security administration said that the cost of living has not gone up in two years now. So must be it hasn't if they said so." Right???????????

Photo Source: Library Of Congress

I know I talk about this all the time but it is important for everyone to start a garden this year. If you have even a tiny patio, you can grow some plants. Skip the flowers and house plants and plant some food. And something you like. Visit your local farms and get produce there. It should be cheaper right from the farm.

Photo Source: National Archives

Buy in bulk and get good deals on meats, produce, whatever you use. Can as much as you can. That way it is not using electricity while it is stored. Tastes better and is quicker to prepare.  Think about food and fuel. Two areas of our lives that we have been totally dependent on the system. Time to find ways to wean ourselves off that system in case it is not there or able to provide for everyone.

Do you have some ideas besides providing your many streams of income? Even taking a job on a farm or at a farmer's market can be a big help if you can get some produce in exchange for work. Let me know your ideas or ways you find to save money on food. I am really interested in how others do this too.

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