Wednesday, March 28, 2012

It's A Disaster!

Tornado in 2000

Recently, I have been reading books about preparing for disasters, natural and man made. There are many types of disasters that can overcome our world and way of living, as we know it. I am always preparing for that situation in my life. But what about your business, if it is a home based business? If the internet ceased to be, would it cause you to lose your income?

You need to prepare for that situation also. Do not put all your eggs in one basket, so to to speak. I have talked many times on this blog about having many streams of income. Make sure some of those streams of income are not dependent on the internet. Or not dependent on a physical location either. Then if one goes down, the other is still working. It may cut your income in half, but at least you'd still have something to fall back on.

Try to start preparing in other ways as well, building up your supplies so you will have food and water if you get hit with a bad storm or flooding. Make a Bug Out Bag for each family member including your pets. Do it little by little as you can afford it, but do it. Standing on your own in those bad times is a good feeling. Being the one others go to for direction of how, and what to do, is a way to help others provide for themselves.

Having my own alternative energy system makes it possible for our power not to go down. We would not be able to access the internet if it didn't exist! So time to put my thinking hat on and make sure some of my incoming money does not come from internet sales only. Studying the book, It's a Disaster! and what are you going to do about it by Bill & Janet Liebsch, every day. This book is the best one out of all the books I have found on preparing for emergencies. Such details and directions for people who are preparing their families for such situations. I highly recommend it!

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