Monday, March 12, 2012

Targeting Affiliate Links For Your Readers

My regular readers know that I try to work on my many streams of income. I have had many of these streams of income on the back burner due to working on others. As of late, I have been really putting a lot of work into the affiliate relationships I have with various affiliate programs. It is important when choosing companies to work with that you feel they sell a quality product or service. I have some tips to share of my experience with making some extra money with affiliate marketing.

I think the best form to use for affiliate marketing is by writing a blog. Blogging is by far, the best avenue for reaching the internet public. Writing for a certain niche market, creating content that they look forward to reading every day is the key. After you have done that then develop a relationship with your readers. Be very honest with them at all times and they will put their trust in you.

The first thing I do when searching for a merchant that I would like to promote on my blogs, is to find ones that sell products that are along the same lines as my blogs. On my Solar Baby blog, I list affiliate links that have to do with solar or wind power. On my Homesteading On The Internet blog, I have mostly links to Amazon products, which I change from time to time. The products there are for anyone interested in gardening, canning, photography, etc. These are products for my readers who come there looking for homesteading or preparation information.

I have joined a few of the big affiliate type of programs like ShareASale and a couple of others. I am more comfortable with smaller programs or working directly with the merchant themselves. It is fun once you get into it, but it has taken me a few years to learn how to actually get some sales. Even little sales add to your many streams of income. Take little steps and you will get there!

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