Wednesday, March 14, 2012

People Like To Criticize Others

Apples left behind in the fall

Social Media is so important in promoting a blog or a website. That interaction with others online gets them to go to your blog or sites. They may even comment on your blog or buy something on your website. When you write something, they say, "who is this person?" "What are they about?" So off they go to check you out. Sometimes, you wish they didn't, depending on the person.

When you write something or share something on Facebook, Twitter, The Blogfrog or on various forums, you are taking a chance that someone is going to take issue with what you post. On Facebook, I see it the most. If you share something you liked or thought was cute, it makes some people to take it upon themselves to criticize  what you posted. Why? Because they never heard the saying, "If you can't say anything good, don't say anything at all."

Some people love to prove what you posted is inaccurate. Or why you shouldn't have posted it in the first place. On Facebook, I figure, if it is my wall, I will post what I want and from now on I am deleting all those type of comments. I can. It is MY wall! Go post what you want on your wall and keep your snide remarks to yourself. I do not go to Facebook to fight with people. Some people really get off on it though.

Have you noticed this yourself? Of course, it may have to do with the fact that many of my friends on Facebook come from a popular forum I go to. They fight on there too. They get down right mean to each other. I don't go there very often due to that problem. Now they do it on Facebook too. I will be deleting those certain friends, since obviously, they are only friends to make their snide remarks about what you post on your wall. Or you can hide them so you don't see what they post anyway. Doing that with some this morning or deleting some.

My life is too busy to worry about people I do not know and probably would not be friends with in real life anyway. Facebook has been my place to connect with family and friends from school and many blogging friends. So there hasn't been that kind of thing going on with them. None of them telling each other how to do everything or what they should say or what they shouldn't post. Maybe they want you to ask their permission to post something to your wall every time? I don't think so! Won't be doing that!

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