Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Try Some Giveaways To Win Cash

One way to increase your spending money is by entering giveaways on some blogs. There are so many to choose from! The best thing is to choose only the ones that offer what you really want. I like to enter ones for gift cards at stores I shop at, or want to shop at. One time I won a giveaway for Fanny Farmer candy. I actually won it accidentally by following their blog, and just happened to be the 100th follower.

I found some today on various blogs. The Frugal Free Gal is a good blog, if you are searching for giveaways and free deals, through out internet land. I entered two for Amazon gift cards, one for $10. and one for $25. I entered one for a $25. Paypal cash, which I would like as then you could spend it wherever you wish. The last one I entered was for $800. for Paypal cash, on a site called Good Steward Savers. Once you hook up with one, you will find many more! It is amazing.

Of course, winning one giveaway, even if I won the one for $800., won't pay off all my bills. It would help me to pay some though. I think the smart thing if you win money, is to put it on a bill or some expense you have, instead of blowing it. It would be hard to do, but that is the best use of it, especially since it came from somewhere unexpected.

What would you do with $800. if you won it?

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