Saturday, March 17, 2012

Create And Sell Your Own Products

Sales have been strong for my ebooks. I have had a few problems trying to format them properly so they will work better on the kindle. I hope to learn more about doing that or make enough money to hire someone to do it for me. I have ideas for many more eBooks. Once you have it loaded on Amazon in the kindle store, you are finished with that book. Time to write the next one. If you can just keep writing and uploading more books, you will keep the streams of income coming in from each book.

If you have any books setting in your computer it is time to get to work on them. Start by editing it and study kindle's guidelines for adding your book there. Remember Amazon has the traffic you need. I don't see any reason for selling them on your own site or on any other site for that matter. Why bother? It is a passive stream of income which makes me like it even better.

I wrote this post, Is There An eBook In Your Future? which gives you some eBooks to read on how to learn to do this. Just because it is easy to put it together, does not mean it is a piece of cake to write. You really need to know how to write. If not, the reviewers on Amazon WILL shred you to pieces. Some of them really hate the new indie writers and do what they can to ruin their reputations as writers. Some of them I fear, work for publishers and are trying to force the indie writers to use them instead of being independent of them.

Another post I wrote is called Information For eBook Writers, which gives you even more information to write an eBook of your own. I recommend this as one of your streams of income. Especially if you are a blogger or someone who makes things. You can put together plans on how to make something, even if you are not a writer and sell the plans as an eBook. Images are a little harder to work with on formating and you may want to use a service for that to get it right. Selling the plans will make you that money back and probably rather quickly. If you already have an eBook for sale there, please leave the name of it in the comments. I will try to add it to a future post.

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